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Some of the posts are translated to English. Unfortunately the Google-translate isn’t always accurate and the posts come out very strange and more or less incomprehensible, while using the ”translate-button” on the site.  So I have made the effort to translate some of the blog posts myself. Not necessarily perfect, but a little better…

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  1. Joriene

     /  18 juli, 2015

    Dear Madeleine,

    Long time ago, 2011, we sold one of our mares, Weleva obelisk * Kennedy * Rubinstein to Belgium. Unfortunately the new owner did not match. I have searched the internet then and saw she went to Sweden.
    We still breed with her mother. And because of the good results of the offspring of seleva ( Kennedy * Rubinstein) mare I am curious how Weleva is doing. I hope you can help me!

    Kind regards,

    Joriene van Driesten-Beks
    Stal Beks

    • I am not Madeleine, so maybe your comment ended up on the wrong blog? But hopefully someone will see your comment and respond. Good luck in finding out about your mare.

  2. Joriene

     /  18 juli, 2015

    Thank you for your quick response. I am looking for Madeleine el Hanafi. Do you know her? 😊

    • Unfortunately, I have done business with her, but I can’t tell you where to find her these days.

  3. Joriene

     /  19 juli, 2015

    Thank you for telling me! I have found her at Facebook! 😊
    Enjoy your day!



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